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Available Services

Only a medical doctor, can diagnose or cure any illness. It is unlawful for any kind of practitioner other than a medical doctor, to diagnose or cure any illness.

Prior to contacting the Institute, all individuals with medical problems should first consult with their physician. Our role is to work in the energy field of the individual/client. We act as tertiary care specialists where only a very sophisticated approach is likely to work.

Registration: the registration process involves sending a witness (hair sample) and fee to register as a client of The Radionics & Dowsing Institute of Canada. Once you are registered as a client, we ask that you send complete details on your current symptoms and how they affect your everyday life and activities. Because we have your witness/hair sample on file, you will be able to contact us (by email) when you wish to receive radionic support. The registration fee of $20.00 will be applied to any item or service you purchase.


If You Live in the
OUTSIDE of Canada

an International Money Order
for $20.00

If you Live

Send a Cheque
from any Canadian bank
(4 days to clear),
or Postal Money Order for $20.00.

Along with your Registration Fee
Send the Following Information to us

  • a hair sample (i.e., 20-30 hairs, 1" long),
  • your name
  • birth date, place of birth and birth time (if possible)
  • address
  • phone number
  • E-mail address (most communication is done by email)

The Radionics and Dowsing Institute of Canada
Site 4 Box 10
Port Rexton, NL, A0C 2H0

We do not promise or guarantee a cure, only our best efforts. In keeping with Canadian law, we will not provide you with any information that might be construed as a medical diagnosis. Provided we feel we can be of assistance, we will accept any case regardless of any negative medical prognosis that may have been given. All decisions regarding traditional medical care or surgery will be your own and we will not advise you in these matters.

We do not correspond with potential clients until they have sent the information and fee requested above. This is in part because we cannot really comment on a case or problem until we have done a full assessment. The most important factor in recovery is not the disease or its state of advancement but rather the nature of the individual. In this sense we treat people rather than diseases.

While most cases we see involve physical problems, we have nonetheless a particular interest in treating people with psychological problems. We also offer a range of other services and these are described in our catalogue.

Request a Catalogue askradionics@radionicsinstitute.com

What are our fees?

Full assessment - Includes all systems in the body (spiritual, emotional, mental and physical aspects). All major systems are rated and the most detrimental are assessed in detail. We also include two radionic treatments
Cost $300.00

Single treatments on specific items
Cost $60.00

Weekly treatment (3 to 5 sessions per week). This service is for those needing specific longer term treatment. Minimum purchase is two weeks. For lesser time periods sessions should be purchased individually.
Cost $100.00 per week

Credit card payments may be accepted once you have registered.

For further information

See - Catalogue Download a PDF copy of this page

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Site 4 Box 10 Port Rexton,
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