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Description of Radionics Training

Founded in 1988, the Institute originally served only North American students but due to requests from practitioners and students abroad it now has students in 19 countries and offers a worldwide training forum including a comprehensive home study program which includes a written course, an optional 27 hours of lectures on audio CDs, and tutorial assistance with doctoral level tutors with 15-20 years experience.

Most students find the training sufficiently
well organized and comprehensive that
they have little need for a tutor.

The tutor is simply there as back up or as a resource person.Your tutor
is available by email and will answer questions promptly

The training and supplementary material deals with virtually all applications of radionics and dowsing and will be of special interest to health practitioners from any discipline including psychology as well as the lay person

We have students from at least 20 different
health and medical specialties.
Training students world wide is our priority.

The training is eclectic and includes many approaches to radionic practice. It can be used with any type of radionic equipment. Our own equipment, the Zenith and the Atlantis Superconductor, are top performing devices used by students and by practitioners world wide. We have had many students abandon other devices in favour of using ours. They are simple to operate and produce spectacular results.

Because of its inclusive nature no educational prerequisites are required. Optional training in all relevant clinical sciences is available in condensed form. Students are free to choose the type and depth of training which they feel best meets their needs and interests.

The emphasis in our approach is on practical applications since available books on radionics and dowsing do not contain the detailed information and practical guidance needed to pursue radionics successfully. Without this assistance most students wind up abandoning radionics due to frustration or confusion because they can't seem to get the results they want and don't understand why, and in the end, blame themselves.

This well organized and simple training accompanied by our reliable devices will give you the success you need.

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